CompCare Medical Scheme

At CompCare Medical Scheme we do things a little differently.

When it comes to healthcare funding experience, we’ve been there and done that – for over 43 years. It therefore stands to reason that you’re in the best possible hands with CompCare. After decades in the medical schemes business we know what truly works for our clients. That is why we are constantly evolving our product and service offering to ensure that we’re giving you the most relevant cover, designed to keep you healthy and happy.

At CompCare we don’t react to industry trends – we set them. When it comes to innovation, we’re fanatical, which means we’re always finding exciting new ways to improve the members experience. You can count on getting only the best with CompCare – after all, you deserve nothing less.

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(Flexible Savings Plan)


The SELFNET option provides comprehensive, unlimited hospital cover with a flexible savings account that allow members to pay for day-to-day healthcare requirements at their own discretion.

You are all about seizing the moment and living life to the fullest. Of course, you want healthcare cover you can count on – no matter what life has in store for you. When it comes to your day-to-day spending and medical savings you value freedom of choice. With CompCare your unused savings remain yours to be carried over year to year until the day you need it. Just because you haven’t used it does not mean you should lose it.


(Savings Plan)


You’re young at heart and big on life, so you know what you want: the freedom of flexibility and cover you can count on! UNISAVE (Savings Plan) allow you to be in control of your day-to-day spending and access to a flexible savings plan to use as and when you want. You definitely don’t want to lose what you don’t use. Your unused savings should simply get carried over year-after-year until you need to use it.

Begin your journey

Follow the simple sign-up process to become a member of the CompCare Medical Scheme.
Where applicable you may need to upload copies of the following documents:

Identity documents/passports

Membership certificate(s) from previous medical scheme(s), if applicable

Proof of registration at educational institution/affidavit confirming financial dependency for adult dependants 21 years and older.

Proof of adopted or foster children.

Are you ready?