Lasting value the name of the game at CompCare

Josua Joubert, chief executive and principal officer of CompCare explores the subject of value in healthcare.

Financial pressures following a worldwide recession, job losses and reduced working hours have forced many people, particularly younger individuals, to tighten their belts and focus on essentials including accommodation, food, healthcare, and education.

With affordability challenges becoming a fact of life the world over, medical schemes such as CompCare are ever mindful that many healthcare consumers are increasingly focused on finding lasting value, particularly in the current financial climate.

It stands to reason that in times of uncertainty one of the greatest attributes a medical scheme can offer its members is the ability to innovate to create meaningful value from even the smallest healthcare budget.

Everyone is looking for options that are both affordable and sustainable and in response to this each of the 15 benefit options offered by CompCare are designed to provide value while fitting every need and every pocket.

Product highlights: designed to add value to the lives of members

  • We’ve introduced a comprehensive COVID-19 benefit package which is available on all options, but one to ensure that CompCare members are guaranteed the best possible care during the pandemic.
  • CompCare members have benefitted from virtual consultations across all benefit options throughout 2020.
  • Members will soon also have access to a special virtual consultation platform with a full suite of services enabling doctors to request radiology and pathology tests and to issue electronic prescriptions.
  • CompCare’s emotional wellness benefit, which is available free of charge on all options, offers a 24-hour helpline with trained clinical professionals, together with a referral for face-to-face counselling when required.
  • Our excellent preventative benefits provide for every stage of life with the majority of benefits being paid from scheme risk and not from day-to-day benefits.
  • We have always offered an unlimited cancer treatment benefit and have now also added a new colorectal cancer screening test for 2021 to the scheme benefits.
  • Executive medicals comprising a full medical examination by a participating general practitioner and a referral to a specialist in instances where any abnormality is detected, has been introduced to our Pinnacle option. This option will now also cover aviation medicals required for pilots.
  • We have also launched a personalised concierge service, available via the CompCare contact centre, which enables members on the Pinnacle option to optimally access healthcare benefits and services while navigating challenges associated with provider claims.
  • As the preferred scheme for adventure seekers, CompCare offers comprehensive cover for injuries resulting from professional and adventure sports, as well as a search and rescue benefit.


Want to save some money? Here are some products that are designed to do just that

CompCare’s efficiency discounted or “ED” options offer exceptional value when using Netcare hospitals for elective planned procedures and Dis-Chem pharmacies for chronic medication. This saving can amount to as much as 25% of the normal contribution rate.

We fully understand that Millennials and recently qualified graduates are looking for maximum flexibility with a strong focus on lifestyle benefits. In response to this need we have revamped our SelfNet option to address both the financial and healthcare requirements of a younger audience. At a contribution rate of just below R1 700, the newly revamped SelfNet, with its wide array of attractive benefits, provides great value for money and a much-needed focus on those who enjoy an active lifestyle, including professional sportspeople and adventure seekers.

UniSave stands out head and shoulders above similar products in the market in terms of its savings component and value for money. It provides comprehensive unlimited hospital cover, a flexible savings account that can be used for day-to-day healthcare requirements, at your own discretion, and acute medicines are covered at full cost without the need for co-payments.

MedX and MedX ED are highly cost-effective, market-leading hospital plans that protect members and their families from sudden and unforeseen medical emergencies. Although these are essentially hospital plans, they offer preventative care benefits, active lifestyle programmes including fitness assessments, exercise prescription benefits, nutritional assessments and healthy eating plans, as well as post-rehabilitation benefits.

The NetworX option is ideally suited to international students, and corporate clients looking for an affordable, high quality benefit package for lower earning employees. The NetworX Option provides exceptional value as an entry level medical scheme option targeting members earning below R10 000 per month for whom affordability is a priority.

While our systems are state-of-the-art, as they should be after 42-years in the business of healthcare, it is the personal touch and the care we provide that makes a real and lasting difference to the members whose lives we touch every day. Although goods and services may be bought and sold, healthcare is above all an activity of caring that grows out of relationships of mutual responsibility, concern, and trust — and this cannot be reduced to a commodity.