We prioritise the needs of the new generation woman

because we care more


From quality medical care in a crisis to taking the best care of yourself and your family, we’re your trusted safety net and will help you to discover all round physical and emotional wellness so everyone can thrive.


CompCare covers a range of wellness and preventative benefits from risk, so you aren’t excluded if you choose a plan that doesn’t have a savings option, and if it does, then you won’t be using up your savings on the following benefits:

Assistance in a Crisis

Emergency roadside assistance, ambulance service and hospitalisation at 100% of scheme rate


Unlimited oncology cover programme at our designated service provider

Preventative Care

Tests and screening to prevent future problems, such as flu vaccines, glaucoma tests and lipograms (cholesterol screening)

Women’s Health

Benefits include contraceptives, HPV (Cervical Cancer) vaccine, pap smear and mammogram

Pregnancy Care

Antenatal visits with a GP, midwife or specialist and ultrasound pregnancy scans

Emotional Wellness

Benefits such as unlimited telephonic counselling as well as up to 3 face-to-face sessions with psychologists, social workers & counsellors

Your family is in good hands

because we care more

You don’t compromise when it comes to your family’s health – and neither do we. Often it’s the little things that can make a big difference to your wellness experience, like not using your medical savings to take care of these:

Wellness Checks & Pre-School Assessments

Baby wellness visits, school readiness assessments, pre-school eye and hearing screening

Healthcare Provider Consultations

Paediatric consultations, access to a 24/7 telephonic advisory service and unlimited GP visits & dentistry for kids under 6

Healthy Lifestyle Support for Kids

Kids’ fitness and nutritional assessments, as well as exercise prescriptions and healthy eating programme

We’ll help you build a relationship with your best life,

because we care more


We understand the physical and mental stress that comes with being a driven young professional. Being on top form is a necessity that needs to be consciously nurtured and sustained. CompCare has designed their plans around this, to serve your demanding lifestyle in ways that matter. These are some of the essentials that we take care of from risk:


Going to Hospital

Cover for unlimited hospital visits and 100% of scheme rate as well as roadside assistance and ambulance service

Benefits for Men and Women

Healthcare, preventative care screenings and specialised benefits for men and for women

Healthy Lifestyle Assistance

Access to our network of biokineticists and dieticians for assessments, exercise prescriptions and healthy eating plans

Mental Wellbeing

Unlimited telephonic counselling and up to 3 face-to-face sessions with psychologists, social workers & counsellors

Cancer Treatment

Unlimited oncology cover programme at our designated service provider

Adventure Sports

Cover for injuries resulting from professional and adventure sports (available on plans with a savings account)

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