Executive Cover

From R9 187 / Month

When you’ve worked your way to the top of your game, you deserve nothing but the best. That includes a top of the range healthcare comprehensive plan that gives you the best quality that money can buy.

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A good choice for you if:

  • You want superior benefits, including unlimited GP visits, unlimited dental visits
  • You want cover for specialists in hospital at 200% of scheme rate
  • You want access to a private ward if you admitted to hospital
  • You want extensive cover for cancer and 74 chronic illnesses

Day-to-day Benefits

  • Personal Medical Savings (PMSA)
  • When your PMSA is finished, your day-to-day benefits are paid from your Annual Flexi Benefit (AFB), a set amount you get each year that comes from risk
  • When your AFB is also depleted, there is a Self-Payment Gap when you need to pay for your expenses
  • When your claims reach the threshold amount, your Above Threshold Benefit (ATB) will start to cover your claims

Benefits Paid From Risk:

  • All Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs)
  • Cover for 27 Chronic Conditions
  • Emergency Care: Ambulance Services, Netcare 911
  • Women’s & Men’s Health
  • Kids’ Wellness
  • Preventative Care Benefits
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Active Lifestyle Programmes
  • COVID-19 Benefit
  • Oncology and Speciality Care

Hospital Benefit:

  • Cover for in-hospital and hospital-related services at 100% of the scheme rate and specialists at 200% of scheme rate
Click here for the Efficiency Discounted option where your premium is reduced for only using Dis-Chem pharmacies and Netcare hospitals

More info


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Chronic conditions covered

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Co-payments, exclusions and limitations

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Sub-limits for devices and appliances

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Emergency services and international travel cover

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Contributions and benefit amounts from January 2024

Principal Member

Risk: R7 350

Savings: R1 837

Monthly Payment: R9 187

Annual Savings: R22 044

AFB: R4 788

Total Day-To-Day: R26 832

Annual Threshold: R30 492

Annual SPG: R3 660

Adult Dependant

Risk: R5 721

Savings: R1 430

Monthly Payment: R7 151

Annual Savings: R17 160

AFB: R3 720

Total Day-To-Day: R20 880

Annual Threshold: R23 400

Annual SPG: R2 520

Child Dependant

Risk: R2 036

Savings: R508

Monthly Payment: R2 544

Annual Savings: R6 096

AFB: R1 296

Total Day-To-Day: R7 392

Annual Threshold: R8 148

Annual SPG: R756


Efficiency Discounted (ED) Option

With Efficiency Discounted options, your contributions are lower but you can only use Dis-Chem pharmacies and Netcare hospitals.

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Efficiency Discounted Contributions and benefit amounts from January 2024

Principal Member

Risk: R6 538

Savings: R1 634

Monthly Payment: R8 172

Annual Savings: R19 608

AFB: R4 032

Total Day-To-Day: R23 640

Annual Threshold: R27 300

Annual SPG: R3 660

Adult Dependant

Risk: R5 088

Savings: R1 271

Monthly Payment: R6 359

Annual Savings: R15 252

AFB: R3 144

Total Day-To-Day: R18 396

Annual Threshold: R20 916

Annual SPG: R2 520

Child Dependant

Risk: R1 821

Savings: R455

Monthly Payment: R2 276

Annual Savings: R5 460

AFB: R1 116

Total Day-To-Day: R6 576

Annual Threshold: R7 332

Annual SPG: R756


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Executive Cover

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