Discretionary Savings Plan

From R3 652 / Month

When you know where you’re going and what you want out of life, your medical scheme should respect your choices as well – so you need a plan that allows you to choose exactly how you’re going to use your savings.


A good choice for you if:

  • You’re an individual or want to include your family
  • You don’t want sub-limits and restrictions on how you use your medical savings.
  • Cover for the best quality care in a private hospital in the event of an accident is a priority for you
If you feel you need more comprehensive cover, consider our DYNAMIX or SYMMETRY options. They have higher day-to-day benefit limits and extra chronic illnesses covered.

Day-to-day Benefits

  • Paid from your Savings Account (PMSA)

Hospital Benefit:

  • Cover for in-hospital and hospital-related services at 100% of the scheme rate

Benefits Paid From Risk:

  • All Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs)
  • Cover for 27 Chronic Conditions
  • Emergency Care: Ambulance Services, Netcare 911
  • Women’s & Men’s Health
  • Kids’ Wellness
  • Preventative Care Benefits
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Active Lifestyle Programmes
  • COVID-19 Benefit
  • Oncology and Speciality Care

More info

UNISAVE Brochure

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Chronic conditions covered

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Co-payments, exclusions and limitations

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Sub-limits for devices and appliances

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Emergency services and international travel cover

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Contributions and benefit amounts from January 2024

Principal Member

Risk: R2 849

Savings: R803

Monthly Payment: R3 652

Annual Savings: R9 636

Adult Dependant

Risk: R2 379

Savings: R671

Monthly Payment: R3 050

Annual Savings: R8 052

Child Dependant

Risk: R854

Savings: R240

Monthly Payment: R1 094

Annual Savings: R2 880


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Discretionary Savings Plan

R3 652 / Month