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All Bases Covered

You’ve been there, done that. So, no matter what life throws at you, you’ve got this! And you want a medical plan that can say the same. You want a complete medical scheme with a savings plan. You know to plan ahead. So, if you and the family go through tough times with unforeseen medical, specialist and dental expenses, you want to know that above-threshold benefits will have your back. With 64 chronic illnesses covered, you can cross that off your worries list, too.

Understanding Your Option

Day-to-day Benefits are subject to:

  • LEVEL 1: Savings Account (PMSA)
  • LEVEL 2: Annual Flexi Benefit (AFB)
  • LEVEL 3: Self-payment Gap (SPG)
  • LEVEL 4: Above Threshold Benefit (ATB)

Benefits Paid From Risk:

(Not subject to savings, AFB, SPG and ATB)

  • Wellness and Preventative Benefits
  • Unlimited GP visits (after limits reached)
  • Ambulance Services, Netcare911

Hospital Benefit:

  • Unlimited cover for in-hospital and hospital- related services at 100% scheme rate

We’ve Got This!

Benefits Paid From Risk Include:

  • Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs)
  • Cover for 64 Chronic Conditions
  • Emergency Care
  • Woman’s Health
  • Men’s Health
  • Kids Wellness
  • Preventative Care
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Active Lifestyle Programmes
  • Speciality Care

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Contributions Effective From January 2019

Principal Member

Risk: R4 169

Savings: R678

Annual Savings: R8 136

AFB: R2 908

Total Day-To-Day: R11 044

Annual Threshold: R17 197

Annual SPG: R6 153

Monthly Payment: R4 847

Adult Dependant

Risk: R3 256

Savings: R529

Annual Savings: R6 348

AFB: R2 271

Total Day-To-Day: R8 619

Annual Threshold: R13 191

Annual SPG: R4 572

Monthly Payment: R3 785

Child Dependant

Risk: R1 163

Savings: R189

Annual Savings: R2 268

AFB: R811

Total Day-To-Day: R3 079

Annual Threshold: R4 675

Annual SPG: R1 596

Monthly Payment: R1 352

Want To Know More?

Cover Where It Counts.
Get more deets on the Day-to-Day and Hospital Benefits.

DYNAMIX Efficiency Discounted (ED) Option

Efficiency Discounted options means you can only use
Dis-Chem pharmacies and Netcare hospitals.

Efficiency Discounted Contributions Effective From January 2019

Principal Member

Risk: R3 431

Savings: R558

Annual Savings: R6 696

AFB: R2 393

Total Day-To-Day: R9 089

Annual Threshold: R15 242

Annual SPG: R6 153

Monthly Payment: R3 989

Adult Dependant

Risk: R2 677

Savings: R435

Annual Savings: R5 220

AFB: R1 867

Total Day-To-Day: R7 087

Annual Threshold: R11 659

Annual SPG: R4 572

Monthly Payment: R3 112

Child Dependant

Risk: R971

Savings: R157

Annual Savings: R1 884

AFB: R677

Total Day-To-Day: R2 561

Annual Threshold: R4 157

Annual SPG: R1 596

Monthly Payment: R1 128

DIS-CHEM – Pharmacists Who Care

NETCARE – You’re In Safe Hands

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