PINNACLE (Executive Plan)


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You’ve made it. You’ve worked your way to the top of your game, so you deserve nothing but the best. You want a top of the range healthcare comprehensive plan, the best money can buy.

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Executive Cover At Its Most Exclusive

With the best benefits, including unlimited GP visits, unlimited dental visits, 200% cover for specialists in hospital, access to a private ward if you need to be admitted, and cover for 74 chronic illnesses. All the cover you need at a competitive cost!

Naturally, you get comprehensive hospital benefits with unlimited cover in any private hospital and in a private ward. Just what you’d expect from a top-level plan. Plus, you can rest assured that should something happen to you, like cancer, you’ve got all the cover you need.

Understanding Your Option


Day-to-day Benefits are subject to:

  • LEVEL 1: Personal Medical Savings  (PMSA)
  • LEVEL 2: Annual Flexi Benefit (AFB)
  • LEVEL 3: Self-payment Gap (SPG)
  • LEVEL 4: Above Threshold Benefit (ATB)

Benefits Paid From Risk:

(Not subject to PMSA, AFB, SPG and ATB)

  • All PMBs
  • Wellness and Preventative Benefits
  • Unlimited GP visits and Conservative Dentistry (after limits reached)
  • Ambulance Services, Netcare911

Hospital Benefit:

  • Unlimited cover for in-hospital and hospital-related services at 100% scheme rate
  • Specialists are paid at 200% of the scheme rate
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We’ve Got This!

Benefits Paid From Risk Include:

  • Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs)
  • Cover for 74 Chronic Conditions
  • Emergency Care
  • Woman’s Health
  • Men’s Health
  • Kids Wellness
  • Preventative Care
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Active Lifestyle Programmes
  • Speciality Care

Looking for an even lower monthly premium? Click here to learn more about the PINNACLE Efficiency Discounted (ED) option offering you an even lower monthly premium.

Contributions Effective From January 2020

Pinnacle-Principal Member

Principal Member

Risk: R5 671

Savings: R1 330

Annual Savings: R15 960

AFB: R4 000

Total Day-To-Day: R19 960

Annual Threshold: R22 250

Annual SPG: R3 010

Monthly Payment: R7 001

Pinnacle-Adult Dependant

Adult Dependant

Risk: R4 415

Savings: R1 035

Annual Savings: R12 420

AFB: R3 100

Total Day-To-Day: R15 520

Annual Threshold: R17 100

Annual SPG: R2 100

Monthly Payment: R5 450

Pinnacle-Child Dependant

Child Dependant

Risk: R1 570

Savings: R368

Annual Savings: R4 416

AFB: R1 100

Total Day-To-Day: R5 516

Annual Threshold: R5 900

Annual SPG: R600

Monthly Payment: R1 938

Want To Know More?

Cover Where It Counts.
Get more deets on the Day-to-Day and Hospital Benefits.

PINNACLE Efficiency Discounted (ED) Option

Efficiency Discounted options means you can only use
Dis-Chem pharmacies and Netcare hospitals.

Efficiency Discounted Contributions Effective From January 2020

Pinnacle-ED Principal Member

Principal Member

Risk: R4 741

Savings: R1 111

Annual Savings: R13 332

AFB: R3 358

Total Day-To-Day: R16 690

Annual Threshold: R19 100

Annual SPG: R3 010

Monthly Payment: R5 852

Pinnacle-ED Adult Dependant

Adult Dependant

Risk: R3 688

Savings: R865

Annual Savings: R10 380

AFB: R2 610

Total Day-To-Day: R12 990

Annual Threshold: R14 608

Annual SPG: R2 100

Monthly Payment: R4 553

Pinnacle-ED Child Dependant

Child Dependant

Risk: R1 321

Savings: R309

Annual Savings: R3 708

AFB: R930

Total Day-To-Day: R4 638

Annual Threshold: R5 075

Annual SPG: R600

Monthly Payment: R1 630

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From R7 001 per month.


Executive Cover.

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Efficiency Discounted Executive Cover.

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