SELFSURE (Traditional Plan)


You’re in a good place with a family and a prospering career. You want complete day-to-day cover with comprehensive unlimited hospital cover in private facilities and more. Don’t look further as SELFSURE (Traditional Plan) ticks all the boxes.

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Fit For Your Family

SELFSURE is a traditional plan option offering more than adequate day-to-day benefits and an extensive chronic benefit covering 40 chronic conditions. You’ve heard CompCare is a cut above the rest and you’re interested in the cover for extreme adventure and professional sports, which many other schemes exclude. The scheme offers an active lifestyle benefit which will not only suit your pocket but also keep you and your family active and healthy.

All this and then some more with the added men’s, women’s and kids’ health and comprehensive preventative wellness benefits ensures that you have found the perfect fit. If you think you need something more, why not consider buying up to the SYMMETRY, DYNAMIX or PINNACLE options. They offer even more benefits at competitive rates.

Understanding Your Option

Day-to-day Benefits are subject to:

  • Annual Flexi Benefit (AFB)
  • Day-to-Day Extender Benefit

Benefits Paid From Risk:

  • All PMBs
  • Wellness and Preventative Benefits
  • Ambulance Services Netcare911

Hospital Benefit:

  • Unlimited cover for in-hospital and hospital-related services at 100% scheme rate
We’ve Got This!

Benefits Paid From Risk Include:

  • Chronic Medicines
  • Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs)
  • Cover for 40 Chronic Conditions
  • COVID-19 Benefit
  • Emergency Care
  • Woman’s Health
  • Men’s Health
  • Kids Wellness
  • Preventative Care
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Active Lifestyle Programmes
  • Oncology and Speciality Care

Contributions Effective From January 2022

Principal Member

Day-To-Day Benefit: R6 000

Day-To-Day Extender: –

Monthly Payment: R3 880

Adult Dependant

Day-To-Day Benefit: R4 200

Day-To-Day Extender: R6 000 PB

Monthly Payment: R3 880

Child Dependant

Day-To-Day Benefit: R2 100

Day-To-Day Extender: R8 600 PMF

Monthly Payment: R971

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Traditional Plan.