Starting Strong in 2023
Photo by Anna Kolosyuk on Unsplash
A brand-new year is here at long last and while many of us look forward to this opportunity to make a fresh start for our health and wellbeing, the trick is how to make it stick. Having a solid baseline to work from can make all the difference in achieving your wellness goals and maintaining that most valuable asset – your health. It is for this very reason that CompCare provides some of the best wellness and preventative benefits on the market, including mental health benefits, all paid from risk. Add to that some truly exceptional kids’ health benefits and the whole family can start the year on a strong and secure footing. If this is the year that you are setting out to be your best self, you could not ask for a better partner in healthy eating and sports nutrition. With CompCare, you have access to a scientifically-based Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription Programme. This gives you the advantage of having regular professional input and ongoing monitoring with one of our registered biokineticists at one of our accredited exercise facilities. That’s right, no gym fees apply. Furthermore, you can eat your way to wellness with our Nutritional Assessment and Healthy Eating Programme, which provides a consultation with a registered dietitian to help you whip up a personalised healthy eating plan. These benefits are both paid from risk so they do not affect any of your other medical scheme benefits. For our younger members, we offer a range of benefits, including a newborn hearing screening and congenital hypothyroidism benefit, baby wellness visits, childhood immunisations, school readiness assessments, pre-school eye, hearing and dental screening, occupational therapist visits for children, nutritional assessment and healthy eating plan, as well as a fitness assessment and exercise prescription programme. And every parent will no doubt see the value in having unlimited visits to the GP and basic dentistry once your day-to-day benefits are depleted for kids under the age of six. Naturally, we offer the preventative care benefits that you would expect from a top-tier medical scheme, right across the board with women’s health benefits including mammograms, HPV (cervical cancer) vaccination and contraceptives. Men’s health checks include prostate checks and PSA blood tests. What’s more, with CompCare you have total peace of mind knowing that you and your beneficiaries have access to an unlimited oncology benefit, subject to treatment protocols at a designated oncology service provider. Last, but certainly not least, CompCare offers unlimited professional telephonic emotional health and wellbeing support, around-the-clock, as well as referrals for face-to-face counselling, should this be required. Once more this is paid from risk, which means members do not have to dip into their savings. CompCare is well known as the scheme for adventure seekers, so, in addition to solid healthcare cover we give our members total peace of mind when participating in professional and adventure sports with absolute freedom to reach new wellness heights in the year ahead. Let 2023 be the best year yet for you and your loved ones with CompCare at your side, every step of the journey.