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Broadening Healthcare Access – a Shared Responsibility

Broadening Healthcare Access – a Shared Responsibility

There remains a great deal of work to be done in ensuring that the healthcare needs of all South Africans are met. In the meantime, however, we are certainly seeing that healthcare consumers are doing their utmost to keep their healthcare cover intact.

Value for Money Makes All the Difference

Value for Money Makes All the Difference

Despite financial insecurity, an international economic downturn and a local recession, nobody wants to be caught short when it comes to healthcare cover – particularly in the midst of a global healthcare crisis.

The Quest for True Value Is More Important Than Ever

The Quest for True Value Is More Important Than Ever

Financial pressures following a worldwide recession, job losses and reduced working hours have seen many people, particularly younger individuals, tightening their belts while focusing on essentials including accommodation, food, healthcare, and education, and reducing costs such as entertainment and other leisure activities.

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