The CompCare 2023 Benefit Announcement is Coming
“Everyone is ready to win. Few are prepared.” - Jim Garrett Are you all set to take on the road ahead? With CompCare there is no doubt – your feet are firmly planted on the solid ground with a medical scheme that has prepared for your healthcare future and that of your loved ones. A scheme that is not only 100% there with EISH-cover for those “what if” moments but that fully supports you in pursuing your best life. A medical scheme that wants to see every member win with exceptional family benefits, greater accessibility for students and added wellness value across the board – all backed by total reliability. And while you prepare to make this final stretch of the year count in the ways that matter to you, CompCare is preparing for the scheme’s 2023 benefit announcement, which takes place next week, on 20 October. We cannot wait to share with you, our valuable members, just what plans we have in store to ensure that you have the cover you need – and more – now and well into the future. We look forward to bringing you more after the launch next week!