2023 Product Launch Highlights
2023 Updates – What are the highlights? A new year is just around the corner and with it comes fresh opportunities to reach for those goals while taking care of you and yours, knowing that CompCare is in your corner. After all, you can only control what you can – the rest is up to life, and we want you to live it at your best. So let’s jump straight in and see what your medical scheme has lined up for you in 2023. Firstly, it should come as no surprise that as the medical scheme of choice for adventure seekers and professional sportspeople, CompCare remains at the forefront of wellness. This time around we have added a lipogram to improve the detection of heart health risks as part of your preventative care benefits, all of which continue to be paid from the scheme’s risk pool. And, at CompCare we are all about family – whether that’s the loved ones at home or your ‘work family’, without whom the wheels simply wouldn’t turn. With this in mind, we have increased access to quality healthcare on our NetworX option, which now offers an unlimited Overall Annual Limit and the funding of physiotherapy benefits from the Annual Flexi Benefit. With contributions starting as low as R1 339 per month, this is the ideal solution for those looking for an affordable, high-quality benefit package for your blue-collar employees. This option is equally well suited to international students and remains the option of choice in this market. On the subject of family, CompCare has added no less than seven valuable new benefits for moms, newborns and kids, adding to our already exceptional family benefits. The following new benefits will be available across all options, except NetworX, in 2023:
  • The implementation of Paed IQ on all options will provide access to a 24/7 paediatric telephone healthcare advice line for parents of children under three years.
  • Newborn hearing screening will be funded from risk.
  • A newborn congenital hypothyroidism test will be funded from risk.
  • Three additional paediatric visits will be paid from risk to monitor a newborn’s milestones in their first year of life.
  • Basic dentistry and GP consultations will be paid from risk for children under the age of 6.
  • Members can obtain a breast pump (up to a maximum of R3 000) from savings.
  • In addition, children playing sports can obtain a mouthguard, funded from savings – a benefit that most other schemes do not offer.
CompCare UniSave is the savings option to beat as one of the richest benefit options on the market, providing value in excess of its contribution point, which means you get more out of this option than you put in! This, combined with its affordability, makes UniSave one of the most competitive options out there, and we’re not just saying that – that is the independent actuarial finding of 3ONE actuaries. And last but not least, the numbers. The scheme’s solvency ratio remains high above industry requirements at 37.8% and with a 44-year track record to our name, you know you can count on us. Our current membership is at 36 600 beneficiaries with the average age of new members sitting at 29.8 years. CompCare’s overall average weighted contribution increase of 8.9% is an indicator that the scheme is staying true to its members by avoiding misleading deferrals and openly ensuring sustainability for the future whilst ensuring all-important affordability. Last but not least, our benefit limit increase is 5.7% Please also remember that CompCare’s comprehensive psychosocial and emotional wellness benefit is included as part of the package on every option, including efficiency discounted options – this way your mental wellbeing is taken care of at all times. That’s it for now – should you wish to talk to one of our consultants for more information about your specific benefit option or if you are thinking about changing your option, please feel free to call us on 0861 222 777.