CompCare Medical Scheme

We do things a little different.

When it comes to healthcare funding experience, we’ve been there, done that – for over 43 years, in fact – so we totally know what we’re doing. We’ve really gotten to grips with what actually works, so we’re always tweaking our offering to make sure that we’re giving you the best and most relevant cover to keep you at your healthiest and happiest. We don’t react to industry trends. We set them. We’re pretty obsessed with innovation, so we’re always thinking up exciting new offerings to make your life that much better.

What We Do

We ‘get’ you. We know what matters to you, and what you really need.
So, we’ve specially created healthcare cover options to meet these needs.

Live Without Limits

We ‘get’ you. So, when it comes to your cover, we’ve got this!
So much so, that we even cover professional and adventure sports.

Count On Our Cred

We’ve been around for more than an impressive 40 years. And in that time, we’ve had a top track record of really “being there when you need us most”.

Always Innovating

We work super closely with our administrator, Universal Healthcare, to make sure our much-loved members are getting the absolute best service and evidence-based medicine.

Got a question?

Get in touch. We’re here to help!

Scheme Service Providers

Administration services provided by Universal Healthcare Administrators (Pty) Ltd
Managed Care services provided by Universal Care (Pty) Ltd
Pharmaceutical Benefit Management services provided by MediKredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions (Pty) Ltd