Best in Choice?
Photo by Artem Kovalev on Unsplash
“It’s easy to make good decisions when there are no bad options.” - Robert Half With only six weeks left in the year the time has come to keep things simple and focus on the absolute essentials. For many members, one of the most pressing tasks is making a decision about your medical scheme membership and option choice for the coming year. Fortunately, with CompCare there really are no bad options so all that is needed is to list your medical scheme ‘must-haves’ and see which of the CompCare options aligns best with that choice. From our entry-level option, SelfNet through to Pinnacle, the flagship option, CompCare is 100% there for you, whatever stage of life you may be in. SelfNet is ideal for the young, active individual who is perhaps signing up as a main member for the first time. This option offers maximum flexibility through a total discretionary benefit with no sub-limits or exclusions for different types of healthcare providers. This includes alternative healthcare providers who are registered with the relevant health professions council. You can even use your medical savings account to pay for nutritional supplements, as long as the product has a NAPPI code. For those young families looking forward to welcoming a new addition to the family, the SelfNet option also includes a generous maternity benefit paid from risk along with exceptional kids’ health benefits. This is, understandably, a deciding factor for so many families. Pinnacle, on the other hand, covers 47 non-CDL chronic conditions from risk and includes in-room procedures for GPs and specialists, paid from the above-threshold benefit. It is particularly worth noting that there are no procedural co-payments on the Pinnacle option. This option also offers the CompCare Executive Medical benefit – an important preventative benefit for busy executives with stressful and demanding jobs, including not only a medical examination but also a battery of blood tests, a chest x-ray and other screening procedures. For high-flying adventure seekers and aviation fanatics, the Pinnacle option covers aviation medicals, which are mandatory for pilots. In addition, this flagship option provides a personalised concierge service. So from one end of the spectrum to the other, CompCare really does have you covered, now and well into your future.