Freedom of Choice
Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash
There’s no point in denying it – times are tough and when you’re trying to live your best life, healthcare cover is the last thing that should get in your way, right? But there is a bright side if you know who to go to. CompCare has an option for new generation South Africans that provides unmatched freedom of choice, greater control of benefit usage and a real boost when it comes to staying on target with those all-important life goals. Heard of UniSave? It’s worth knowing that this option is one of the richest benefit options on the market, providing value in excess of its contribution point. That means as a member on UniSave you are entitled to value greater than that which you put in. This, combined with its affordability, makes UniSave one of the most competitive options out there. Of course, this option ticks all the most important boxes, as you would expect with comprehensive, unlimited hospital cover in any private hospital, exceptional kids’ health benefits and some of the best wellness and preventative benefits on the market. But there’s more to life, right? A nutritional wellness benefit that gives you access to valuable dietary guidance is certainly nice to have. What about an exercise prescription benefit to help keep you compliant and on track with your physical wellness development, including access to an impressive selection of accredited fitness facilities, giving you real freedom of choice? That’s sounding pretty good already. And about that 25% savings account? Full flexibility takes on a new meaning with this option, giving you the ability to use your savings account for day-to-day healthcare requirements totally at your own discretion, with no imposed limit restrictions or exclusions for different types of healthcare providers such as homoeopaths, chiropractors and naturopaths registered with the health professions council. It can even be used to pay for nutritional supplements, such as protein powders, vitamins and minerals, provided the product has a NAPPI code. Now, that is what you call freedom of choice. And for one of the most affordable contribution rates on the market, there is no denying that CompCare’s UniSave is the flexible option to beat.