Invest In Your Health Today In Order To Save For Tomorrow
Photo by Precondo CA on Unsplash
There is a saying that your health is an investment, not an expense. Some may argue that this is difficult to justify. After all, we live in a world where an equities fund may give an annualised return of 7% but healthcare costs continue to rise well above inflation each year – and with financial stability top of mind for most, health is often put on the back burner. CEO and Principal Officer of CompCare Medical Scheme, Josua Joubert, takes a closer look at how this very point makes the case for health as an investment – not in place of financial wellness but certainly alongside it.   Markets, like life, are unpredictable. You can however hedge your bets when it comes to your health by assessing it, monitoring it and tending to it, much in the same way that you would your personal investment portfolio. Minimising risk is always a good place to start. By taking preventative measures medical scheme members can build a strong foundation and can be alerted to any potential issues while they are still at a manageable stage, saving on Rands and unnecessary strain in the future. Covering your bases with access to comprehensive women’s, men’s and general health checks as well as an outstanding wellness programme – such as that offered by any medical scheme worth its’ salt – is a sound starting point. It is important to align with a scheme where wellness benefits extend well beyond free gym membership. This is not to say exercise is unimportant – in fact, CompCare offers some of the best exercise as well as nutrition programmes on the market, under the knowledgeable guidance of specialists, of course. However, physical wellness can be optimised far beyond this by providing access to accredited biokineticists and dieticians, for example. For many people, when it comes to planning for the future, the legacy you leave to your children is a focal point. It goes without saying that setting a healthy example for your kids is an important part of getting them on the right track in life, but beyond that medical scheme benefits tailored to the needs of children are a particularly important factor for young families. CompCare offers an extensive range of healthcare benefits that provide cover for everything from baby wellness visits to childhood immunisations, school readiness assessments and pre-school eye, hearing and dental screenings. Added to this, a consultation with an occupational therapist, a fitness assessment and exercise programme as well as a nutritional assessment and healthy eating plan for children, affords young families the chance to get a head start in life. When it comes to investing in your health, it is important to treat the cause and not the symptoms, however it cannot end there. When life does throw you a curveball, it is good to know that you have the kind of cover that really counts. Any member who has the misfortune of facing a cancer diagnosis, for example, can turn to CompCare in the knowledge that the scheme’s unlimited treatment programme is available to support them along every step of their journey. Finally, when it comes to making any investment, a background check is essential before placing your trust in an organisation. As one of the country’s leading scheme’s, CompCare has for over forty years been providing exceptional healthcare cover to its growing member base and is financially stronger than ever before with a solvency level well above the regulated 25%. So, while it may not be possible to exactly quantify the return on investment in a healthy heart, a strong pair of lungs or balanced blood sugar levels, we do know this – the rules for looking after your health are much the same as those you apply to looking after your money: manage risk, plan for the future and when your investment is not performing, it is time to make a change.