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UNISAVE is 100% there for the new generation South African, from flexible medical savings with no sub-limits to wellness benefits paid from risk. Like you, when it comes to family, we care more.

Flexible Savings Account

Some medical schemes have restrictions that limit how much of your medical savings you can use for certain medical expenses.
Not UNISAVE. It’s your money, you choose how you want to use it.

Unlimited hospitalisation

Cover for unlimited hospitalisation at 100% of scheme rate as well as emergency roadside assistance and ambulance service.

Preventative care

We encourage and cater for preventative care tests and screening to avoid future problems.
This is all paid from risk, so your savings aren’t affected.

Kids are our VIPs

Unlimited GP visits for kids under 6, kids’ fitness and nutritional assessments and more, also paid from risk.

Mental & emotional care

Mental and emotional health benefits including psychiatric treatment in hospital and unlimited counselling by phone.

Go wild in your spare time

Enjoy all the adventure hobbies and extreme sports you like because we don’t place restrictions on these activities. We’ve got you covered if you land yourself in an EISH moment.

Sound good?

We recommend having a chat to a CompCare consultant before making a decision.

Contributions for 2024

We recommend having a chat to a CompCare consultant before making a decision.

Principal Member

Risk: R2 849

Savings: R803

Monthly Payment: R3 652

Annual Savings: R9 636

Adult Dependant

Risk: R2 379

Savings: R671

Monthly Payment: R3 050

Annual Savings: R8 052

Child Dependant

Risk: R854

Savings: R240

Monthly Payment: R1 094

Annual Savings: R2 880

Understanding your contribution structure:


This refers to the portion of your premium that covers unexpected situations, like being hurt in a car accident or having a heart attack.
CompCare also offers GP visits for kids <6, fitness & nutritional assessments, emotional wellness and preventative care screenings from risk, which frees up your savings for other medical needs.


This portion of your premium is saved every month, and is used to pay for day-to-day medical expenses like trips to see your GP. It’s a responsible and disciplined way to ensure you’re catering to these needs, and the year’s allocation of savings is available up front.

Medical Scheme Rate

A benefit that is covered at 100% of scheme rate means CompCare will pay the maximum amount set for those specific treatments and procedures. It’s important to be aware though, that some providers charge more than the scheme rate, and if this happens, you will be liable to cover the shortfall.

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