Flu Season Battle Plan: Stay Healthy and Productive in 2024

Flu season is hitting early this year, and nobody wants to be sidelined by illness. Here’s your personal strategy to stay healthy and keep your productivity on point:


  1. Get Vaccinated

This is your best defence! The 2024 flu season has already begun in South Africa, with an increase in cases observed since late April. Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 and Influenza B/Victoria are the predominant strains circulating this year. The flu shot can make the difference between a mild case and being bedridden. Similarly, the pneumococcal vaccine protects against serious illnesses like pneumonia and meningitis. According to the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD), getting the flu vaccine can reduce the risk of contracting the flu by 40% to 60%​ (NICD)​​ (Health-e News)​.


  1. Talk to Your Doctor

Schedule a visit to discuss your pneumococcal vaccination, as you will need a prescription for this vaccine. They can recommend the specific vaccines suited for you and address any concerns you might have.


  1. Boost Your Defences

These vaccines are covered by CompCare Medical Scheme. Take advantage of this valuable benefit! Getting vaccinated is an investment in your health and reduces the financial burden of potential medical bills. For members of CompCare Medical Scheme, the flu vaccine is readily accessible at Dis-Chem and Clicks pharmacies​.


  1. Healthy Habits Matter

Beyond vaccination, prioritise healthy habits: wash your hands frequently, avoid close contact with sick people, and get enough sleep. These simple steps can significantly reduce your risk of catching the flu or other illnesses. In addition, maintaining a balanced diet and staying hydrated can boost your immune system, helping you stay resilient during the flu season​ (NICD)​​ (Health-e News)​.


By following these steps, you can have a healthy and productive flu season!

Let’s make 2024 a year of health and productivity. Get your flu shot, embrace healthy habits, and keep the flu at bay.


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For more detailed information on the flu season and vaccination recommendations, visit the National Institute for Communicable Diseases and Health-e News.