Smart Healthcare Benefits could help Attract and Retain Top Talent
Is it a priority for your business to attract (and keep) skilled team members? If medical aid isn’t part of your benefits offering yet, perhaps it’s time to consider it.

Medical aid isn’t just an extra – it’s a key step towards becoming an employer of choice. Here’s a closer look at why comprehensive healthcare could be a game-changer for your business, and how CompCare could help you.

Five Powerful Reasons to Partner with a Medical Scheme:

  1. Empower Well-being 
    Ensuring that your team has access to necessary healthcare services will give them the best chance to boost their overall health. Good health means higher productivity and job satisfaction. A healthy team is a happy team, and happy teams drive business success.
  2. Ease Financial Worries
    The high cost of healthcare can cause significant stress. Offering medical aid removes some of this anxiety, so your employees can focus fully on their roles, confident that their health costs are covered.
  3. Attract and Keep Talent 
    Benefits tend to be a big deal for top talent. Caring about their well-being with a solid medical aid plan says a lot about your company’s culture.
  4. Build Loyalty and Morale
    When employees feel their health is a priority, their commitment to your company strengthens. Loyalty is an invaluable asset that translates into a more motivated and stable workforce.
  5. Create a Healthy Workplace Culture
    A team that feels you genuinely care about them is more likely to be engaged and productive. Prioritising health through comprehensive medical aid is a proactive step for towards creating a positive work environment.


Why Choose CompCare as Your Healthcare Partner?

Because when it comes to needs of a modern workforce, CompCare shines!
Here’s how:

All-Round Health Coverage
What’s the most important thing in your employees’ lives? Their families! CompCare’s plans ensure that every family member is covered, with benefits that cater to their specific needs that come with different stages of their lives.

Prioritising Preventive Care
We focus on keeping your people healthy, not just sorting them out when they’re not. We guide them through recommended regular check-ups and offer wellness programmes that don’t eat into their other medical savings.

Supporting Active Lifestyles
Our lifestyle programmes, backed by expert biokineticists and dietitians, offer personalised fitness and nutrition plans to help your people choose to stay in tip top shape, both physically and mentally.

Mental Health Matters
We understand the new generation South African and their stresses. We provide robust mental and emotional health support to help your employees, especially those prone to anxiety thrive both at work and at home.

Dependable Emergency Services
Our reliable hospital and emergency transport coverage offers peace of mind in critical times, with quick and effective response when it’s needed most.


Our Promise to You – A Message from Josua Joubert, CEO of CompCare

“At CompCare, we understand that providing comprehensive medical aid is not just about covering medical expenses; it’s about supporting the overall well-being of your employees. Each year, we take a long hard look at our benefit options and implement the changes that will make the biggest impact on the lives of our members while maximising every hard-earned healthcare rand that you spend. Our ultimate goal is to support you in reaching every one of yours – be it your fitness goals, your family goals, your life goals or all of the above, CompCare is here for you, every step of the journey.”
Josua Joubert, CEO and Principal Officer of CompCare​​.


Choosing CompCare means choosing a partner that, like you, will care more about your employees.

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